Campaign sprints

Use our network talent to generate and test fresh campaign concepts in a week.
Inject talent and insight to create new social currency for your brand. Try out new messaging and creative with or without brand identification.  Combining elements of our Cultural Kickstarter, Demographic Hitters and Fresh Content products.

Intensive. Structured. Stealth mode. Guerilla comms. Limited investment.

£15,000 per sprint

Cultural kickstarter

Close the gap between your brand and your audience. Connect to popping influencers and fresh creative talent at your office or one of our venues.

Fresh talent. Fertile environment. Formulated for you.

£5,000 per session

Demographic hitters

Curated access to credible influencers to extend your cultural reach and power your campaign. Demographic hitters drawn from our extended network.

Artists. Bloggers. Stars. Performers. Community leaders.

£10,000 per search (up to 10 connections)

Fresh content

Commission a range of fresh, edgy and inspiring talent at competitive fixed prices. Direct access to content creators:

Video. Photography. Design. Copy. Spoken Word. Events. Music. Blog posts.

£1,000 to £15,000